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Move over, hard, long, and exhausting gym sessions.

Move over, dangerous and expensive surgeries.

I came across a few articles recently which talked about the obsession women have about obtaining a bigger butt or an hourglass figure. Most of these women are going about it completely the wrong way they are opting for surgery or injecting foreign (and dangerous) chemicals into their body. Not only are both of these procedures expensive, but both of them are inherently dangerous. There are two methods which are safe when it comes to obtaining the hourglass figure: long hard gym sessions, or wearing a waist training corset.

Waist Training, is a natural, safe, effective and proven way to obtain a bigger butt and an hourglass figure.

Funny enough, corsets have been around for hundreds of years and waist training has been practiced for over a century. In the Victorian era, the most desirable women were the ones who wore waist training corsets and sculpted their body to have an attractive hourglass figure.

At first, I balked at the thought of using tight-lacing to sculpt my body due to the price tag of waist training corsets. Using waist training corsets is the most effective, economical, safe, and natural way to obtain a bigger butt and an hourglass figure. I have been blown away by the results I’ve achieved and the attention I’m receiving  just by wearing a waist training corset for a few hours a day.


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How Does Waist Training Work?

Waist training is a process by which the waist is slowly “cinched” using a special steel boned corset. The result of this “cinching” shapes and sculpts the body into the shape you desire, primarily the hour-glass shape. Although waist training came about in the Victorian ERA it has been making a return in the past few years. Donning a waist cinching corset, regular exercise as well as having a balanced diet will significantly lower your waistline; immediately providing you with an attractive captivating hour-glass figure, once and for all eliminating undesired excess fat around the waist.

Hourwaist only recommends the best authentic premium quality waist-trainers which are carefully crafted by certified corsetieres in Italy. “Authentic” identifies waist trainers with binding, busk and steel boning. These corsets are reliable, reputable, genuine, accurate, and certainly not produced in China. The trainers we recommend are a assortment of hand crafted steel boned corsets and are independently constructed insuring the optimum standard is met. The corset makers we suggest are experts in traditional, fashionable and current corset innovations. The waist trainers we represent are made with premium textiles, high quality components, as well as bolstered sewing. They’re composed of cellular layers characterized by various sections, which include premium fabric, outer lining, plus an internal lining designed specifically for comfort. Throughout the construction of the corset it contains special steel boning, steel busk, steel spirals all of which are designed to extend the life of the waist trainer. All of our corsets contain a laced back which is composed of long lasting, and dense laces. The incredible workmanship in addition to comprehensive care each corset receives insures you will get an authentic high-quality waist training corset designed to perform for years.


The corsets we suggest will enhance your core muscles and improve your posture. In addition to helping sculpt your waist, the tight compressions of corsets may assist in cutting down on food consumption which enables you to eat smaller meals, more frequently throughout the day. As we all know, eating less and more frequently is the healthiest diet practice.

Although I’m promoting waist training as a long-term waist reducing procedure it works best in conjunction with a balanced diet, a good waist training guide and consistent physical activity. Results are still possible without practicing all three, but they might be slower.

Where can I find a Waist Training Corset? Which Corset do you Recommend?

waist training corsetWhen I first read about waist training corsets I randomly picked out a brand and ended up with something I didn’t like. The corset I initially bought (which I wont name, for obvious reasons) poked and prodded me in a painful and awkward way. This was partly due to the manufacturer sizing me wrong, and partly due to the poor construction of the corset I bought. The corset that I bought was imported from China and wasn’t top quality. Although this corset was a pain my you know what and wasn’t top of the line I was still seeing results but I knew I needed a different brand and to be sized correctly. When selecting my next corset I carefully researched corset manufacturers, brands etc.. thankfully the second corset I bought was a winner!

I bought this corset which was beautifully crafted, and also looked stunning. It should also be noted that What Katie Did (The manufacturer) sized me perfectly.


Is it for you?

Waist training calls for commitment and dedication, it is far from a thing that will merely occur by using a corset from time to time. It takes precious time, it’ll likewise require upkeep and routine maintenance.

Much like practicing for sports or perhaps mastering additional skills, you will have to work hard even after you attain your goals. After achieving your optimal goal , in the event you quit practicing you will lose the body you worked hard to attain. It would be like working out every day for years, and then abruptly stopping, everyone knows you would lose that muscle or cardiovascular fitness level. The same is true for Waist Training if you don’t wear your corset on occasion your physique will more than likely gradually return to its previous condition.

This isn’t meant to dissuade or discourage; I simply wish to not make any false claims, and prepare you for what waist training involves. I frequently get inquired about if a corset will shape your body for good. I answer this question by telling my student that a corset will only give you what you put in. A waist training corset is an item; it certainly can’t do everything for you. It will assist you in shaping your body but you need to put in the work. The important thing to remember is that you’re completely in control.

Now that you know what waist training is, and you know the dedication it requires, less dive into it further.

Waist training is not meant to be complex, all it requires is time as well as persistence, the best part is, you can go at your own pace. There are not any rules that are cast in stone, the more the user dons their waist trainer the more effective it will be.

The majority of individuals whom corset train tend to be enthusiastic about corsets, they enjoy putting on corsets and generally can’t leave their residence without having put one on. However, the majority that are passionate about corsets end up with an hourglass waistline although that wasn’t their initial goal, it is simply just a bonus to them.

Professional waist trainers generally put on their corsets 24 hours a day, seven days a week, several take it up another notch and even don their corsets when sleeping, exclusively removing it only to wash. Other individual’s only don their corsets when they are out of the house but remove them whenever they return to their domain (aka house). It’s up to you exactly how you prefer to train; an individual can personalize their own routine however they want.

Please remember that however long you put on your waist trainer the more effective your final results will end up being when taking in your waist. It’s important to remember that we all train at different paces and comfort is of the utmost importance. If you aren’t comfortable and are moving too quickly you will dread wearing your corset. Wearing waist training corsets is something that is supposed to be fun.

Most likely if you’re reading this you’re a beginner, if that’s the case I wouldn’t recommend making any goals, especially not lofty ones. I recommend that beginners start off with at most, a four inch waist reduction.

Even if you start off with a small waist reduction it will require some time to get accustomed to and then you can identify if you require a more significant reduction. It’s essential to be patient when training, never tight-lace the corset to the level where it causes you to experience discomfort, it simply will dissuade you. Part of waist training is feeling good!

Many women fail to recognize that when initially wearing a corset, there is an adjustment period. Your body needs to get use to the corset, and your corset needs to mold to your body type. For the first few weeks it’s important not to lace up to tight, this period is used for seasoning and molding the corset. After the first few weeks start off by wearing your corset at a pleasant reduction for approximately an hour. After that you ought to be capable of pulling in an inch or two without too much distress. Typically the fibres inside the textile materials “settle” once they mold with your physique. Remember that all of these figure are just guidelines, every individual is different. We all have different genetics and some may be able to tight lace quicker than others, much like some people have natural gifts when it comes to athletics. Some of us have bodies that mold or adapt quicker than others.

Also something to take into account is the fact that a brand new corset behaves much like a new baseball glove; you have got to work it in. If you purchased a brand new baseball glove you wouldn’t wear it right out of the box for Sunday night softball! You would use special oils and play multiple games of catch with the kids or if you’re dedicated sleep with it on! A corset behaves the same way. An authentic corset is made out of leather and needs to be seasoned or worked in.