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Waist trimmers are not just for women, men can benefit from using these fitness aids too.  Body compression shirts have been around for awhile, allowing men to tuck in problem areas and smooth their waist lines. Waist trimming belts are often donned at the gym by fitness enthusiasts. In other words, this obsession with waist trimmers didn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t exclude men. Quite the opposite.

How Men Choose Their Waist Trimmers


There are two types of shopping done by men in this area. The first area is in the way of disguising the body problems with compression shirts. All while they may be working out to improve their overall health and appearance, this is a quick fix. Plus there are huge benefits beyond only targeting bulges.

Typically called ‘Under Armour’, these garments have become quite popular among men.  In fact, due to their popularity and demand, there is a whole new line referred to as ‘superheroes’ which cashes in on the obsession of all the different super heroes.  They look great on men and women love the look. More importantly, these compression shirts get the job done.

Compression shirts are made of Polyester and Lycra which is responsible for the instant slimming effect. They also embrace the anti-odor technology, inhibiting any kind of odor issue. Any man who puts one on is going to immediately feel more cut and trim. They can be worn comfortably alone or underneath the clothes. Compression shirts are not meant to be worn loose; they must fit tight.

men shirtThis style of active wear extends to other areas too such as 2XU Men’s Basketball Compression Pants. 2XU has a wide selection of superior products with the latest technology. While they are not waist trainers, they fall into the slimming category. The benefits are too huge not to include. The benefits of a fitness clothing line such as 2XU are protection against muscle fatigue, circulation, and to deliver help during exercise. Pro teams use compression tights exactly for these reasons. Constructed of Nylon and Elastane, the technology focuses on providing moisture protection, stretch, and power.

The second style men go on the hunt for is the actual waist trimming belts. For years these have been around. It is only recently due to the popularity of women’s waist trainers that men’s trimming belts have quietly been pushed to the forefront and now in high demand. Men who are active in exercise or sports find use these to complement their fitness routine.

There are some waist trainers for men which are better than others. This is important in order to get the optimal results and avoid frustration with these products. Fit is everything with waist trainers. An improper fit does not bring required results.

One good find is the TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab BeltIt is made with a special non-slip interior grid that prevents horrible bunching. What also makes it great is the moisture repellent so germs don’t breed. Some of the earlier designs of waist trimmers for men didn’t include this technology, resulting in a stinky belt which continuously rolled up.

The most requested waist trimmer that men use is one marketed by Sports Research. The Sweet Sweat line is amazing. Designed for both men and women, this waist trimmer effectively boosts the workout, defying any understanding of how these compression garments work magic.

Made from the same grid technology as TNT Pro Series, Sweet Sweat includes a sample of their impressive enhancer cream.  The enhancer cream feels incredible on the skin. This cream is a number one seller, encouraging the body to circulate better. It also combats muscle fatigue and exercise recovery.

beltAnother great waist trainer for men is called AZSPORT Waist Trimmer and has much of the same qualities as the other two but includes back support to strengthen the core. It is to be worn only during sports or exercise as an aid for the lumbar system.

Men’s waist trainers are not going anywhere soon. They provide too many positive results for them to fade into obscurity. While much criticism has been tossed towards women’s waist training products, men have quietly continued to praise and purchase waist slimming products without any controversy. Perhaps the reason has to do with celebrity sensationalism. Either way, the only question which remains are ‘do they work?’ Ask the millions who love them, or buy one for your own judgment and you will see without the doubt that answer is yes.

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