Do Waist Trainers Give You Bigger Hips?

Do Waist Trainers Give You Bigger Hips?

Waist training does a wide range of wonderful things to your body. This is the proverbial hourglass body builder. The way a waist trainer attaches to the waist immediately tightens the waist with curves and as the added bonus, gives rounder, more luscious hips. It is a beautiful marriage for this part of the body.

Waist training also creates a flatter stomach and a bigger bottom. What the waist trainer is doing is redistributing the fat. It will push the excess fat from the stomach and distribute it lower, which means around those hips.

If you feel you still need more cushion added to your hips don’t despair. You now live in a time of spectacular innovations in shapewear. There is a committed line of panties with hip padding available on the market to complement the waist trainer. Along with this is butt pads, and butt bras. So whatever your weakest areas are on your body, you can pretty much count on a garment available to help deal with it.


About Exercise

Think about adding Pilates to this venture as well, or even a fun activity geared to trim the waist like hula hooping. Stay limber with side stretches, and yoga. Search out exercises which target the core area of your body. The tinier the waist, the bigger the hips look. Exercise will benefit the hips too by smoothing out those rough and tough patches of fat that don’t seem to want to budge.

While a waist trainer is going to immediately bring on the silhouette form, it will not be a cure-all unless you become inspired to chisel your body as you see it in a waist trainer. For many women, this is just the edge they need to get moving.

The psychological benefits from waist training are nothing short of a miracle. It may not happen right away, but typically it does happen because you are so enamored with your new look, and desire is created to keep that look.

About Eating

Much of the female population experiences weight gain from eating too many carbs. Carbs can show up in back fat, arms, thighs, belly, butt, and of course, the hips. Be carb-aware. This is not an easy task in a country which loves its carbs.

The last thing you want to happen is exercise combined with carbs to bulk you up in the wrong way. Read labels, use mindfulness, or even count carbs to stay on top of this issue. Do whatever it takes to avoid over –eating and unnoticeably packing on more unwanted fat.

About Waist Training

Don’t be shy about buying this trendy, controversial garment. It doesn’t bite like some nay-sayers claim. In all actuality, every woman should try one at least once in their life. There are many benefits to wearing one of these. They are not expensive and come in a variety of different sizes and styles.

You can wear it all the time, or only when you plan on a night outing and you want to look your absolute best. Some women, whose jeans are appearing tighter than normal, will put on a waist trainer to be able to slip into those jeans comfortably and look gorgeous.

This is not a garment which will set and collect dust in your closet; you will be inclined to use it again and again. You may become a true blue advocate using it daily to whittle your waist while you try to lose weight.

Just like a woman’s boudoir is lined with wonder bras, pinched bottom panties, and shapewear…a waist trainer is another necessary item to include in that dresser drawer.

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