What waist trainer do the Khardasians use?

Whether the Kardashians embraced the modern day ‘waist trainer’ on their own recourse, or whether they were simply helping out a entrepreneur friend who sells Whatsawaist.com. No one but them knows this answer.

So somehow the fire and gasoline of this marriage fueled a whole new marketing product for women to become obsessed with. Waist trainers have become fairly easy products to put on easy and comfortably. They are also inexpensive. Better, they provide an instantly slimmer midsection.

Sales in waist trainers have jumped up over 250% in the last year, proving women are interested and invested in the concept.

Feeding this jump in profits is of course, celebrity endorsements. This is not just limited to the Kardashian sisters, but also Jessica Alba and Amber Rose, as well as the celebrities who have kept it hushed, not attracting media attention. Still, anyone who is an advocate of shapewear can tell their curves are defined with a little help. Their secrets are safe with us.


But back to the original curiosity of a woman who calls herself Pre Madonna of Waist Gang Society and is a willful supplier of Kardashian waist training shapewear. The self-made businesswoman started at the bottom, and now has earned over one million in revenue from her product sales. Could the Kardashians be responsible for this success? Since then, Pre Madonna has expanded her site to sell everything from t-shirts to meal replacement pills.

Pre Madonna by her own body needs investigated ways to hide her stomach after becoming a young mother. The products were limited for her needs and her size. Being inspired by the Victorian ages when fashion was dictated by using tight-laced corsets, she went on a search for something similar but not as binding. She was completely turned off by the idea of strings that you had to pull in the back.

Through trial and error, and countless fittings into multitudes of fabrics and designs, was the catalyst to making her physical product in 2013. Pre Madonna used social media like Facebook and Instagram to probe the market and ask even celebrities if they want to lose three inches off their waist.

So why are the Kardashians so obsessed with waist training?  Perhaps the answer is quite simple. It makes women feel good about themselves immediately. When Kim Kardashian approached Pre Madonna for the product, they grew a mutual relationship because they loved the product. The Kardashians loved the waist trainers and always wanted to know “what’s next”.

Through a lot of trial and error and family help, the brand was created through teamwork. The company has grown threefold since the beginning condo days. After the Kardashians began using her waist trainers, her product was pushed into mainstream America.

While Kardashians are not the face of the company officially, they are associated with the product clearly by the abundance of silent free endorsements through social media.

Since the waist training explosion, more functional and more comfortable waist trainers have hit the market. The winner of the 2016 best waist trainer goes to hrglass training.  Most review agrees the construction, fabric, and overall design meet all the requirements for a result producing waist trainer.

HrGlass Training Best Waist Trainer Latex Corset Steel Bone Waist Cincher

When shopping for shapewear, especially a quality waist trainer, it is important to know what makes an effective, comfortable and result-driven waist trainer. The 2016 Best waist trainer by hrglass training fulfills all requirements for a slimming waist trainer. It is a latex 3 boned, 3 hook waist training corset / cincher.

  • Colombian Design gives you attractive curves
  • Latex waist training corset enhances your workouts
  • 3 strong hook design shrinks your waist up to two sizes instantly
  • See immediate results! With our premium latex waist training corset you can reduce 2 dress sizes instantly!
  • 100% latex outer with 100% premium cotton inside with steel non-pinching bones ensures comfortable wearing for hours

As with any shapewear, including waist training, always refer to the sizing chart each company provides. Some items are meant to be bought one size smaller, while others stay true to form. Take the time to read the directions thoroughly, get the right measurements, and order accordingly so you are not disappointed in your waist training experience.

We have included HrGlass Training sizing chart for the fabulous waist trainer mentioned above. This will give you an indication on how to order your own waist trainer in the correct size.

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