Do Waist Shapers Work?

Do Waist Shapers Work?

The phenomenon of curving the waist instantly has taken over social media. But, do waist shapers work? The short answer is yes. There are huge benefits to wearing a waist shaper.  As we quest for the best body, this is why shapewear exists. It began decades ago with corsets and progressed right into the girdles and padded bras of the 50’s.

This decade is dedicated to any shapewear which leads to that quintessential hourglass figure.  This isn’t a trend disappearing soon. In fact, thanks to social media it will grow for a time to come. Don’t believe me? Hop on Instagram using the hashtag#waisttraining and your jaw may just drop at the over 500k plus posts (and growing) of people waist-training.

You can become a true believer by searching before and after pictures of serious waist trainers on the internet. After this, you will most likely browse for waist shapers or waist trainers to learn more about this fascinating little garment.  The next move is to buy one and try it on.

Waist shapers create a flat tummy by redistributing fat around the core. The immediate results include seeing your waist shrink by 1-3 inches initially. What you want to remember more than anything about waist training is to get a proper fit, and wear it correctly. If you cannot breathe, it is too tight. This can interfere with body processes like digestion (heartburn) or impair breathing. The simple remedy for this is to loosen the waist trainer.

Do Waist Shapers Work

Benefits and Misconceptions

Realize a waist shaper is a golden tool to provide temporary physical benefits such as an overall thinner appearance. It is also good for the mind in ways of confidence and self-esteem.

Other benefits can include extra back support, like a compression garment, and offer posture control thanks to the binding and boning in waist trainers. This same support for the back extends to the front, giving wearers added abdominal support for less overeating or as a reminder to sit up straight. The latex material used in some waist shapers can be equaled to that of a sauna suit, which is often used by athletes to sweat out any excess water weight.  The boost in thermal activity is another added plus to purge out impurities from the body.

Brad Thomas, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon and founding partner of Beach Cities Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, has some great things to say about waist trainers. He has stated he sees merit to some of these benefits. “One benefit that may be overlooked about waist trainers and wraps are their ability to help an individual activate their abdominal core muscles and inspire good posture,” he says. “Possibly, if they are worn a bit loose as to not completely smash the waist but still pull in one’s tummy, the trainers could have a lasting benefit.”

However it is important to pay attention to a healthy diet and a fitness regimen as waist training is not a substitute for a healthy, active lifestyle. Always listens to your body’s cues when engaging in a waist shaping program.

Some of the biggest risks of waist shaping can be decrease abdominal muscle tone, visceral displacement, and atrophy of the abdominal walls. This is why you should take a break from your waist shaper for a block of time. The body can misinterpret the waist trainer as permanent and may interfere with the stomach formation, liver and lungs. So, as a smart wearer, use the waist trainer appropriately and intermittingly, allowing your body to feel natural for awhile before continuing the program.

Much of the ‘squishing’ you read about in regards to waist shaping is exclusive to those who do corsets and cinching. This is a more extreme measure of creating a tiny waist and carries more challenges and responsibilities with it.  If you are new to this area, a waist shaper is the only place where you should begin, and do so slowly.  Do not wear it too tightly or for too long.

Waist shaping properly and safely includes the size and materials used to construct the waist trainer. If you are allergic to latex, choose an alternative material.

Again, waist shapers are not created equal, so sizing has to be carefully assessed; similar to the same process as bra-buying.  If your waist trainer pinches or hurts at all, it is the incorrect size.

If you are ready to start a waist shaping regimen, understand the benefits and procedures involved as this is a big part of your success.  Stay comfortable, and listen to your body. And as no matter how much you love how you look in your waist shaper, give your body a break and go natural for awhile.

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