Tips for Sleeping in a Corset

If you are considering sleeping in a corset than definitely the most important thing to consider is if it is comfortable.

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One of the questions I get asked is “Can I sleep in my Corset? My answer is always “Yes, sleeping in your corset is a great way to accelerate your goals.” It’s actually one of my favorite methods in waist training. The reason that sleeping in a corset is one of my favorite methods is because you are literally training when you sleep, getting anything done while you are sleeping is a definite bonus. Although it is not a necessity to wear your corset when you sleep it’s a good way to get some extra training in. Some people also work jobs or have hobbies that make wearing a corset during the day impossible and being able to corset at night allows these women to waist train. Another reason to wear a corset at night is to maintain your hourglass figure after your goals have been reached.

Although I enjoy sleeping in a corset everyone’s experience differs, just like the rate at which we progress is going to be different. Medical input is suggested.

Some women find sleeping in it corset impossible, this is usually the case with light sleepers. I myself am a heavy sleeper and find sleeping in a corset relatively comfortable and easy.

We all have different ways of sleeping, some of us sleep on our sides, some of us sleep on our tummy and some of us sleep on our back. This leads to a different individual experience for every corseter. If your side sleeper you might find that sleeping with the corset requires you to keep your muscles engaged this can be problematic when you’re trying to relax and fall asleep. If you’re someone that sleeps on your tummy you might find that sleeping in a corset seems to put added pressure on your head or neck this is because the corset doesn’t allow your spine to curve like it normally would. Most people seem to find it sleeping in corset on your back is the easiest however; some people report and increased acid reflux. Although it seems like every method of sleeping in a corset has some type of hiccup but when it comes to sleeping in a corset some people report no discomfort or any problems at all. If you do find sleeping in a corset uncomfortable the best way to rectify it is by experimentation with pillow placement. Back sleepers should try putting a pillow under their lower back for support. Side sleepers should use pillows to refrain from rolling over or to support your muscles so they don’t have to remain clenched all night. Tummy sleepers should place a pillow in a position that relieves pressure on your head and neck. Enjoy this article? Check out our other waist training tips.

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