How to get an Hourglass Figure?

How to get an Hourglass Figure?

Have you been striving to attain a beautiful, natural looking hourglass figure like the likes of Kim Kardashian, Khole Kardashian, and Salma Hayek? It may seem impossible but I’m going to tell you how to get an hourglass figure. The method that I’m talking about is called waist training or corset training. Almost all of the top celebrities today who have achieved this gorgeous hourglass look have partaken in some form of waist training. Corset training doesn’t require any surgery or prescription drugs and any websites that direct you towards these products are not being forthright with you.

how to get an hourglass figure

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An hourglass figure is one where a women’s bust and hip measurements are at least 10 to 12 inches wider than their waist. The most effective way to achieve an hourglass figure is through corset training. Waist training or corset training is where a woman wears a tight lacing corset which over time causes a reduction to their waistline. Wearing a corset for extended periods of time supplemented with proper diet and a proper work out is the most effective way to safely get an hourglass figure.

Now, How to get an Hourglass Figure:

The first step in waist training is to determine if it is for you. It takes a lot of willpower patience and determination to get through the first few weeks of corset training. We recommend that you start with an under bust corset as opposed to a steel boned full corset because you will incur less discomfort to start which will not discourage you from continuing with this journey of achieving an hourglass figure.

The next step is to determine what corset is a good fit for you. Generally we recommend that you get a corset that is between 3 to 5 inches smaller than your normal waist. As a beginner we usually lean toward the 5 inch mark because the pain and discomfort can be discouraging if you get too aggressive. It is important when measuring your waist be remain relaxed and do not suck in or else you will end up buying a corset that does not fit correctly.

Once you get your corset make sure that you break it in. The way you break in your corset is by wearing it moderately tight for the first few days; this will allow your corset to mold and shape to your body size. During the breaking in phase the corset shouldn’t feel tight or restrict your breathing.

After the first few days you can begin tightening your waist training corset gradually, every day. Again during this stage of breaking in the corset your breathing should not be restricted in your body should not feel tight. As a general rule of thumb you should wear your corset between 4 to 6 hours a day. If your breathing feels restricted or you are feeling an unusual amount of pain you should refer back previous step, it is important not to rush or over train your body. You want your body to assume the hourglass figure as naturally as possible therefore you should be listening to your body and acting accordingly. Everyone’s body is different so it is important to take others people’s success or progress with a grain of salt.

As you continue along your journey you’ll begin to understand the limits that you can push your body to. If you have had continual progress you’ll begin to notice that your corset doesn’t feel as tight as it used to, this is a good sign that you are on the right path. After a while you will need to downsize your corset in order to see more results.

A good way to supplement corset training is to engage in physical activity, primarily cardio workouts. Cardio workouts will cause you to lose body fat and slim down your midsection. Although cardio workouts do not shape your body into an hourglass figure they do help accentuate your trunk which makes your hourglass shape stand out more. Some good cardio workouts include running, jogging, fast walking, swimming and fun sports like ultimate Frisbee or soccer. Unlike me if you are somebody who doesn’t mind cardio and you want to kick it up a notch it is beneficial to partake in high-intensity training or interval training. Interval or high-intensity training is where you sprint for a period of time and then walk or jog for a period of time. An example of this would be sprinting for 45 seconds and then jogging for 45 seconds. Interval training is a good way to speed up fat loss therefore accentuating your hourglass figure quicker. Another good way to highlight your hourglass figure is to tone your butt. The best way to do this is through exercises such as squatting or lunging. It is hard for a man or woman to put on too much muscle on so don’t worry about getting too bulky, it’s hard to accidentally build too much muscle in a quick period of time.

Although that is a quick guide on how to get an hourglass figure, there is nothing quick about it. Achieving the attractive hourglass look takes a great amount of patience, motivation, determination and most importantly hard work. It may sound easy that all you have to do is wear an article of clothing for few hours a day but I assure you it is not. Check out the waist training guide we wrote to help you with your goals!

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