Corset Itch and Waist Training

Corset Itch and Waist Training

One of the common occurrences people have when starting to waist train is an abundance of itchy skin or irritation. The reason that many people encounter this problem is because wearing a corset causes perspiration which leads to irritation and dry skin. Another contributing factor to corset itch is that wearing a corset causes you to be warm which in turn can make you feel itchy.

Corset Itch and Waist Training

A skin irritation from wearing a corset

How to prevent itching when Waist training?

Wear something beneath the corset

There are products on the market for this exact purpose, experiencing itching when waist training isn’t a new phenomenon. This is a good thing because it has already caused companies to develop products to combat this annoyance. We recommend that you buy a corset liner or undershirt which is made from organic, natural fibers. You will go through the liners fairly quickly, maybe even using a few of them a day but anything to prevent the itching is more than worth it.

Powder yourself

Putting powder underneath your corset or corset liner is a good way to prevent moisture from building up. The reasons corset itch occur are similar to those of a baby getting diaper rash as you know a proven and tested method to combat baby rash is to use baby powder. I personally prefer Johnson’s Baby Powder its an old brand, with a proven reputation. If you decide to use powder make sure that you do not have any asthmatic issues.

Use season specific corsets

There are companies out there that provide waist training corsets for each time of year. Some of us living climates that have extreme differences in temperature, this option may appeal to you.


Combating the Itch

Once you’re at the itching stage, it’s time to combat that it. You can use moisturizing products or simply just wait for the itch to go away. I usually prefer to moisturize after I have rubbed all the dry skin away. I find that olive oil, cocoa butter or coconut oil work best. If the gets to the point where it starts to burn I would suggest using aloe. Another good way to combat an itch, is to simply itch it. It’s difficult to access your corset to get a the itch so I suggest using the “arm cast ruler method” where you access the itch with an object like a ruler (Please don’t use a coat hanger, you might cut yourself which can lead to an infection)

Good Hygiene

After a day of where your corset you’re going to be extremely sweaty so it is important to practice good hygiene, this means you must shower at least once a day, if not twice. Hopefully that solves all your problems when it comes to preventing and / or curing corset itch while waist training.

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