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What waist trainer do the Khardasians use?

Whether the Kardashians embraced the modern day ‘waist trainer’ on their own recourse, or whether they were simply helping out a entrepreneur friend who sells Whatsawaist.com. No one but them knows this answer.

So somehow the fire and gasoline of this marriage fueled a whole new marketing product for women to become obsessed with. Waist trainers have become fairly easy products to put on easy and comfortably. They are also inexpensive. Better, they provide an instantly slimmer midsection.

Sales in waist trainers have jumped up over 250% in the last year, proving women are interested and invested in the concept.

Feeding this jump in profits is of course, celebrity endorsements. This is not just limited to the Kardashian sisters, but also Jessica Alba and Amber Rose, as well as the celebrities who have kept it hushed, not attracting media attention. Still, anyone who is an advocate of shapewear can tell their curves are defined with a little help. Their secrets are safe with us.


But back to the original curiosity of a woman who calls herself Pre Madonna of Waist Gang Society and is a willful supplier of Kardashian waist training shapewear. The self-made businesswoman started at the bottom, and now has earned over one million in revenue from her product sales. Could the Kardashians be responsible for this success? Since then, Pre Madonna has expanded her site to sell everything from t-shirts to meal replacement pills.

Pre Madonna by her own body needs investigated ways to hide her stomach after becoming a young mother. The products were limited for her needs and her size. Being inspired by the Victorian ages when fashion was dictated by using tight-laced corsets, she went on a search for something similar but not as binding. She was completely turned off by the idea of strings that you had to pull in the back.

Through trial and error, and countless fittings into multitudes of fabrics and designs, was the catalyst to making her physical product in 2013. Pre Madonna used social media like Facebook and Instagram to probe the market and ask even celebrities if they want to lose three inches off their waist.

So why are the Kardashians so obsessed with waist training?  Perhaps the answer is quite simple. It makes women feel good about themselves immediately. When Kim Kardashian approached Pre Madonna for the product, they grew a mutual relationship because they loved the product. The Kardashians loved the waist trainers and always wanted to know “what’s next”.

Through a lot of trial and error and family help, the brand was created through teamwork. The company has grown threefold since the beginning condo days. After the Kardashians began using her waist trainers, her product was pushed into mainstream America.

While Kardashians are not the face of the company officially, they are associated with the product clearly by the abundance of silent free endorsements through social media.

Since the waist training explosion, more functional and more comfortable waist trainers have hit the market. The winner of the 2016 best waist trainer goes to hrglass training.  Most review agrees the construction, fabric, and overall design meet all the requirements for a result producing waist trainer.

HrGlass Training Best Waist Trainer Latex Corset Steel Bone Waist Cincher

When shopping for shapewear, especially a quality waist trainer, it is important to know what makes an effective, comfortable and result-driven waist trainer. The 2016 Best waist trainer by hrglass training fulfills all requirements for a slimming waist trainer. It is a latex 3 boned, 3 hook waist training corset / cincher.

  • Colombian Design gives you attractive curves
  • Latex waist training corset enhances your workouts
  • 3 strong hook design shrinks your waist up to two sizes instantly
  • See immediate results! With our premium latex waist training corset you can reduce 2 dress sizes instantly!
  • 100% latex outer with 100% premium cotton inside with steel non-pinching bones ensures comfortable wearing for hours

As with any shapewear, including waist training, always refer to the sizing chart each company provides. Some items are meant to be bought one size smaller, while others stay true to form. Take the time to read the directions thoroughly, get the right measurements, and order accordingly so you are not disappointed in your waist training experience.

We have included HrGlass Training sizing chart for the fabulous waist trainer mentioned above. This will give you an indication on how to order your own waist trainer in the correct size.

Danskin Waist Trimmer Belt

Danskin returns to the scene with a special line of waist trimmers! If you are not familiar with this company, they started out designing dance wear in way of tights, leotards, and of course, the famous spanky pants. The company faced financial trials and errors passing through many hands before reclaiming their place in women’s active wear.

The Danskin store originally started out as a general store but quickly found their niche in feminine dance wear. They were the first to introduce fishnet stockings and standardizing popular colors such as “Ballet Pink”.  In the 1950’s Danskin became in high demand especially by skaters and gymnasts. Their most profitable item was the nylon waist-to-toe tight.

The disco craze was lucrative for Danskin as leotards with wrap skirts became popular. It wasn’t soon after they incorporated into stores with a successful line of athletic wear and a variety of hosiery sections.

In 1999, Danskin brought out their “Packables” line and followed it up by the Zen Sport yoga line. In good judgment, Danskin now offers the Danskin Waist Trimmer BeltThis waist trainer is unique compared to other marketed waist trainers with the easy Velcro adjustable closure. The quality Neoprene construction provides excellent back support and improves posture. It preserves body heat and promotes water loss during exercise.

Danskin’s waist trimmer belt is unlike the traditional waist trainers with this type of adjustable fit. Because it is made by a reputable company this waist trimmer belt is extremely well made. You won’t suffer the problems of Velcro coming loose or rips from the seam. The belt repels body sweat so there is no odor to deal with. Simply lay the belt to dry after exercise. It is machine washable as well.

This style of waist trimmer is primarily used for exercise and sport activities. It is not like the corset-type waist trainers which provide a longer base and weight redistribution. If you are wishing for a trainer which creates curves, then opt for one like this instead.  It is important to discern the difference between stiff waist trimmers like Danskin, and the steel bone corset style in which you see in social media worn by celebrities.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian wear a mesh style, 3 hook closure, with steel boning which creates the curvy silhouette you see on their bodies.  The advantages of this style go beyond outside the gym, where the waist trainer is preferred to be worn under clothes. Danskin’s waist trimmer belt is not designed to create curves instantly.

Danskin’s waist trimmer belt is going to make you sweat. This style of belt is excellent for working out. The thermal capabilities are over-the-top superior to other waist trimming products. You are going to experience the detoxifying effects after strenuous exercise.

Slimming products come in all varieties. Before purchasing, take the time to learn about what the garments will or will not do for you. Your expected results are dependent on many factors. Diet and exercise are two of them. Which type of waist trimmer you purchase will play a role in your overall success.

The Danskin Company has bounced back with a quality slim wear product. If you know the Danskin name, then you are familiar with just how good their products are. Sweat off those pounds and rediscover your body.

If Danskin isn’t for you, consider the many other styles available. Get ready for your optimum performance at the gym, bike riding, or running with another fabulous product uniquely created by one of the country’s leading women’s company. Danskin is back.

Best High Waisted Thong Panties

Shapewear material is just getting better and better. The fabric feels like a silky second skin anymore and seams are nowhere to be found. It appears like someone took a woman’s wish list for panty material and actually listened. Panties have evolved, and woman love it. No more granny panties with loads of extra fabric baggage which is tell-tell under the yoga pants. Now women’s under garments have arrived to a higher level into shapewear which creates even better body lines.

If you have yet to try on these magical undergarments, then waste no time.  High waist thong panties that are meant for tummy control stand out as soon as you see them. The fabric at first appearance is amazingly silky and light. Then you discover the thin comfortable stretch. This is the type of high waist thong you are looking for:

  • Undetectable slimming with high waist thong panties
  • Perfect with shorts, skirts, dresses and even denim
  • Comfortable premium fabric
  • No visible panty line
  • Machine wash, tummy slimming thong shapewear

The thick elastic band is wide and with some stretch.  It is meant to fight tight to encourage the stomach muscles. For women in the process of getting back their body after kids, and to still look great, this is the best pick in panty shapewear.

The garment itself is cut nicely and well crafted. The stitching is neat and uniform. No noticeable flaws.  If washed according to directions, the color will not fade nor will you ever have the problem of the fabric stretching too loose.

They are really comfortable to wear; it has a silky feeling which feels good on.  The top part gives more of a tummy control but not so tight that it becomes uncomfortable. In fact, these will become your favorite under garment.

Eliminate panty lines with these high waist thong panties. The wonderful concept behind shapewear is it is basically undetectable, yet still doing its job to slim your troubled zones.

One reason woman shy away from shapewear is the stigma of yesteryear. Earlier styles of shapewear were not anywhere close to being attractive or comfortable to wear. They were also too difficult to get on. Many women have experienced the dilemma of unforgiving spandex contorting your body as you try to wiggle in some sort of promising shapewear.

Times have changed to include easy-glide fabrics, yet remember while today’s stretch fabrics won’t challenge your body flexibility like older shapewear, still take it slow and easy climbing into  any compression garments.

Every woman is shaped differently and has different personal preferences. When buying any shapewear it is important to follow sizing charts for that particular brand and company. It wasn’t until the last decade women found out they were sizing their bras incorrectly, most getting a size too small. Now with the abundance of styles and brands of bras, women are realizing the value of fit. The same applies to shapewear. Some items are meant to be worn a size smaller for maximum compression, while others are more flexible in sizing.

All shapewear is not equal. There is shapewear designed for separate parts of the body, targeting problem areas. There is also shapewear which will provide over-all slimming. Whether it is a waist trimmer, butt-life underwear or high waist tummy thongs, all shapewear serves a specific function.

Because there is such a wide variety of different styles, designs and levels of control, try to identify exactly what type of shapewear you need and how often the undergarment is going to be worn. Some compression garments are meant to be tolerated for a few hours of high level support, while other shapewear can be worn everyday as an all-day shaper.

The secret to comfort is trying to zone in on target areas with the least coverage possible. If it is only your tummy you wish to tuck in, then why invest in a whole-body compression garment?  As a suggestion, if this is your first time with shapewear, for a great first-time experience, then start small with an item like the high waist thong panties. If for anything else but just to feel the luscious material against the skin; you will never look at panties the same way again.

And ladies, remember a body shaper is for smoothing lines and tucking in unwanted bulges, however let it be inspiration as well. There is no substitute for getting out and moving that body. The health benefits from exercise and mindful eating combined with the instant boost from shapewear is the springboard to a more confident, self-empowered way of living.