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How do you shape your waist like an hourglass?

There are a number of ways to recreate your body into an hourglass figure.  Many slimming tricks show results in a matter of minutes, while long term methods like exercising and diet can provide permanent results.

As a rule, you can incorporate all 5 of these slimming tips at one time. So, how do you shape your waist like an hourglass? Here are the top suggestions:

  1. Dress Correctly


There are rules to instant slimming through learning how to dress their body. One of the first rules to looking better with clothes is to always define your waist. With the simple addition of a belt to highlight the waist, it will make the waist look instantly smaller.  Also look at proportions. By grazing through magazines, you will notice how pieces fit together to create a slimming look. For instance, a long breezy shirt over shorts can make your legs look longer and more toned.

The next rule is about elongating the body. This can be done through long stripes going down the front of the clothing. It is a visual trick, but it works. Vertical stripes, panels, and piping create a slimming physique. The eye will automatically travel the length of the garment. Another idea which correlates with this same concept is elongating from head to toe. This means to be aware of the shoes you wear. Some shoes and boots cut the leg off at the angle and will add pounds immediately if you are wearing a skirt. If you wish for a long graceful line, try a pointy toe with a reasonable heel.

  1. Shapewear


If the outfits are still appearing to show unwanted bulges and misshapes in your body, then it is time to call in shapewear. Shapewear will erase up to 4 inches instantly and give you an immediate hourglass figure. The biggest challenge with shapewear is to target the exact areas you wish to camouflage and choose a high quality, well-constructed garment.  As you explore shapewear, you will notice the huge variety available to tuck, lift, smooth, and enhance for all parts of the body.

There are two pieces of shapewear extremely popular and highly coveted right now. One is a waist trainer because of its awesome ability to curve the waist, erase inches, and help the wearer to continue to whittle away the waist until results give way to a beautiful silhouette. Before buying a waist trainer, there are certain accruements necessary in construction and fit. The 2016 best waist trainer pick has the necessary 3 steel boned construction, 3 loop and clasp closure, and is made of latex, all of these desirable traits in a waist trainer.

Another piece of shapewear coming up fast into women’s closets is the butt lifter. For woman who have had a baby recently or women who lost too much weight to quickly in all the wrong places, this is a amazing addition for getting an stunning hourglass figure.

  1. Corsets


Corsets are an intense jump into serious waste trimming. They are designed to reduce the size of the waist over time, and sometime reducing the natural waist as much as 6 to 8 inches. This is the true hourglass figure. Corsets also provide lumber support and improve posture.  There are many requirements for making authentic corsets, and for wearing them. This is a whole new ball game than shapewear. However, for many women who have done waist training, they often graduate into corsets because they love the results from the waist training. Before you go to the next level, be sure to educate yourself on corsets.

  1. Exercise


This should be a given, but it is the most common overlooked area when it comes to wanting an hourglass waist. Here is the bottom line, if you love what you see in the mirror while wearing a waist trainer, corset, or any other article of clothing which shows a thinner you; imagine the permanent results you could obtain from a good exercise regimen? Not only will you look better, but the brain and heart will thank you too.  Use the shapewear as motivation to look as good out of it as you do in it.

  1. Mindful Eating


This isn’t about starving your palette, or using that boring diet word. Mindful eating goes way deeper than just scooping out a meal. Slow down the hand to mouth constant eating without awareness. Good eating habits come from being ‘into’ what ingredients you are feeding your body and how you are preparing the meal.  Take an active role in grocery choices, read labels, shop fresh foods first, and balance the treats. Once you truly throw yourself into nutrition and your body’s needs, you may wonder why it took you so long to appreciate yourself.

Is Waist Training a Fad?

To answer this question as intellectually as possible, the word fad should be defined first. The official definition is as follows:

  • A temporary fashion, notion, manner of conduct, etc., especially one followed enthusiastically by a group.
  • A personal idiosyncrasy or whim

underGiven the definition of the word, the answer to “is waist training a fad?” is no. While many critics would debate this furiously, let’s take a look at why waist training is here to stay.

Is waist training a temporary fashion? Well, not really. It is a self-improvement tool used for slimming the body instantly, helping lumbar support, motivating towards bigger body toning goals, and a self-confidence booster. It is followed enthusiastically by a group, and while some may drop off after awhile, there will be others crazy to try waist training, especially after witnessing so many before them have such incredible results.

Is it a notion or manner of conduct? Perhaps. Perhaps it is the desire to present to the world a better version of ourselves. The benefits of this could radiate to the professional arena and how our business peers see us. After all, it has been proven time and time again, appearance is one of the first judgments made during interviews, meetings and even for promotions.

Personal relationships can be affected by this as well. How we make that first impression does count. Visually how a person walks into a room, carries themselves, looks, and speaks are indicators of how they will be perceived—positively or negatively.

Is waist training a personal idiosyncrasy or whim? For some it is a short-lived journey. For others, it is their go-to garment every day. And yet for others, they fall in love so much with the results that they move on to corsets and change their lives completely.

When you think of a fad, you think more about people jumping in on something which is cool, or cutting edge. Waist training may be cutting edge but there are so many layer behind the concept that it is pointless to weigh in on whether or not this is a super craze. Some people would claim Kardashians as a fad, and there may be truth to this, right along with beards and ’50 Shades of Grey’. The value of cool is diminished after mainstream uses up the ‘fad’.

So how is waist training any different? For one, waist training has been around throughout history, just as compression garments have. Whether you want to call out the brutal history of corsets, or linger a minute on the ideas of mom’s girdles and full-on Playtex undergarments, you will realize in some shape, way, or form, the idea has evolved, not diminished. Another great example is compression garments used medically, for post pregnancy or surgery. Surely these cannot be considered fads.

onlyAnother reason for waist training not to be considered a fad is because it falls into a much bigger category which has reinvented women’s undergarments completely—shapewear. Have you dug recently into the plethora of shapewear products available in the marketplace? Chances are you know someone who advocates these products completely.

In fact, the first shapewear I was privy to know about actually was for a man. He used a popular man’s compression shirt to hold his bulging tummy in. When asked why he did this, he simply answered “I feel better about myself and I look better”.  Almost 6 years later and he still loves his tummy shapewear. Do you think he saw this as a fad or an opportunity to improve?

If waist training was to be deemed a fad, it would be because of the wolves of judgment, ranting against health costs which have yet to be proven. Much poor opinions of waist training come from school day images in books of the corsets, where you couldn’t move your eyes beyond this girl’s 18 inch waist. Yes, conditioning does play a huge role in how we perceive our world and everything in it. Thankfully, we don’t live in those ages anymore, and we have evolved with better notions of body and health.

The bottom line is perhaps a waist trainer is not your cup of Starbucks, and maybe Starbucks is even a fad (could America ever find it ‘no longer cool’?).  A fad washes away when interest fades. It is difficult to believe waist trainers would fade away given that women thrive in all ways by wearing one. So, hey, if it makes them feel good, look good, and then let the endless waves continue.


Best Butt Lift Underwear

Butt lift shapewear has a new term. Now referred to as a “butt bra” it has women around the world taking a second look.  It is exactly what it sounds like—a bra for your butt.  Shapewear has evolved to lift, support, and pad a not-so-perfect bottom.  This is body-contouring at its best.  With the arrival of straight leg pants, the butt bra has become heaven sent.

The best butt lift underwear can include three types of bottom shapewear garments. Here are the different types and what they do.

Butt Boosters:  These are like garter-style butt lifter.  They provide just enough lift and look natural. If you don’t want shaping or little shaping over the hip, these are ideal garments. Some also offer the tummy compression option.

 Butt Bras:  Whether it is in panties, or whole body shapewear, if there are holes cut out of the back that help push the cheeks “up” and “out” this is the infamous butt bra.  Also called “Double-O’s “this amazing panty provides a great lift that looks fabulous

Butt Lifters-thigh shapers:  This is fairly new shapewear meant to perk the bottom up with compression thigh shapers. It was created for those who feel more comfortable with a covered bottom. This style of butt lifter gently perks and still covers the cheeks with a thin layer of fabric.

Padded Panties: Women who lack that special bounce in back can opt for silicone padding inserts in a special line of shapewear meant to create those sought after curves. There are many options for how you will pad and how much you will need to achieve your desired look. Some styles include padding.

If you still are not convinced enough to jump on the butt bra wagon trail, then let’s seal the deal with a before and after picture.

Notice the difference? Yes, women do have a choice today to help their bodies look better. While you may be knee deep in radical lifestyle changes to bring this look on naturally. This garment can cover your assets until your exercise and healthy eating results start to take over.

Especially to you moms, who somehow left the hospital with a bulging belly and a pancake butt? This may be common but it doesn’t mean you can’t hide it until the worse of post pregnancy shape is over.

Shapewear is ideal for creating immediate smooth lines and tucking in those tummies. Now allow it to give that booty a confidence boost.

We actually know of the most popular butt bra around. The Brazilian butt lift underwear is going to be the best you can get. Pictured below, is the ultimate choice for a great all around butt bra.  Notice the perfect breathable mesh fabric and lack of seams. This is a quality stretch material which does double duty on tucking in the tummy while lifting your bottom. If you are actively searching for the ideal booty shorts, slip on a pair of these.

The bottom seems to be the first to feel the effects of aging with the loss of natural elasticity and muscle tone. Bottom shapewear is designed to combat the problem by helping the body keep its natural definition. This is an inexpensive alternative to a surgical butt lift. It is also inspiration to continue on with exercising regimens.

If you have recently lost a lot of weight and from the wrong areas, which can be a typical process, then consider the benefits of adding shapewear to correct these body issues. Shapewear, waist trainers, corsets, butt lifters, and body compression garments are only going to get better. Designers are targeting not so much for vanity, but for feeling better in your clothes.  Fabrics and styles are fast improving to support the body issues women face.

The best way to approach this new method of self-improvement is to simply try it out. Most shapewear, including this butt bra is relatively inexpensive, costing the same price or less as traditional undergarments. Change can be a mountain to climb, but small changes like shapewear make it incredibly easier and more comfortable of process.  Be kind to yourself, and gift your body.