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Should I Buy a Waist Trainer?

Should I Buy a Waist Trainer

A good friend approached me the other day with an odd question so out of character for her. We were actually doing the girlfriend-spring-cleaning-wardrobe ritual. Which is basically the unspoken and spoken hysteria associated with the coming of summer. To give a better visual of this event, it involves hangers of clothes deep in the closet being flung onto a mountain of never-worn, once-worn, and worn out favorite stand-bys.

Somewhat comparable to annual fall ritual of men donning beards, trading lawnmowers for snow blowers, and the brags of manly survivor skills.

Women are worse. There are many more layers desperate for attention in our rituals. But back to my friend’s question. As she waved the air with continual raining of clothes, she stopped dead in her tracks and asked me “should I buy a waist trainer?” I thought long and hard about it with a stoic face and no response. What I was really thinking was “should I buy a waist trainer?”  In that odd moment, she had called me out to a tasty new idea.

I didn’t keep my word to diet and exercise in the annual spring training for summer bikini season. Instead, I rejoiced on openings of new creameries and micro breweries. I had heard about how waist trainers could miraculously make those guilty pleasures disappear from my waist in an instant.

I looked up at her perfect form swimming through piles of clothes, and simply said “sure”.  I do believe I was telling myself the same answer.  I mean, what could go wrong? Waist trainers are notorious for popping out curves and pushing in undesirable fat distribution. The way I saw it, was I would feel confident and sexy again all while whittling away at my tummy.

In a mad woman discussion about waist trainers we came to the conclusion it was time for both of us to try them out. If we didn’t like them, we wouldn’t wear them.

Two women, two different sizes and builds, left the clothes tornado behind to explore these mysterious and glorious innovative garments.  And about one hour later, we had ordered our first waist trainers.  One skinny girl with boy hips and one girl with the proverbial winter padding still lingering waited on the light year speed of Amazon.  In one day, we were clapping like children over the arrival of these giddy little presents to ourselves.

Running in different directions, we were on a quest to see a new us. Seconds later (because these trainers were incredibly easy to put on) we both were dancing down the hall, fighting for any mirror within reach and like schoolgirls, giggling.

There are few words available to describe just how fabulous a waist trainer looks on the human body. She got hips and I got to hide my winter failures.  It was as if we were always meant to look this great; born this way kind of body.  Until you actually put one on for yourself, you will never know the perfect garment to feel good in.

Those pile of clothes…specifically the never-worn were slipped on by my friend. Her favorite red dress (with the price tag still on) became her ‘Cinderella’. She quickly went through the remaining bounty of garments, quickly trying them on just to see the difference. The difference was amazingly apparent and I felt happy for her winning discoveries.

I made a mad dash to my own closet and pulled out an outfit I always felt too large to wear. It was perfect. I couldn’t take my eyes off the silhouette this little waist trainer had created on me instantly. I vowed to stay away from my favorite indulgence stops. I even exercised that night (and have continued).

One question remains in my mind though, how is it possible this little piece of fabric with all its bells and whistles take control of a woman’s body and mind like that? A waist trainer is a powerful tool. Just as make-up creates an alluring face, and those wonder bras, actually make you wonder ‘how’, the same thought occurs with these marvelous little waist trainers.

If you find yourself in the midst of that woman-spring cleaning-wardrobe ritual anytime soon, the answer is yes. Yes, you should buy a waist trainer. Don’t even give it a second thought.

The 7 Step Guide to Waist Training

So, this is it. You have finally decided to chisel, carve and amplify those hidden curves. Good for you! Waist training is a bold new way to re-define your body instantly. Perhaps you have been mulling over the idea for awhile now; peeking through sites which demonstrate waist training or exemplify the eye-popping results. Before and after pictures always tell a story, and it is one of smiles and success. Now it is your turn.

There are different approaches to waist training, so finding a level you are comfortable with is the key ingredient. Are you up to going ‘full corset’ or mildly ‘waist taming’? If you are not sure, begin in the middle with waist training, it is a combo of both and most women start here first to see if they even like the concept. Some will fall in love with the new curves so fast, they go onto full corseting, which is a true path to the tiniest waist ever.


Here are is a 7 step guide to beginner’s waist training:

  1. As you become familiar with this new venture, it is important to know the difference between the all the categories of waist training. There is corset and cincher training, which consists of using steel-boned supports and cinching the corset tighter on a daily regimen. Waist trainers are more forgiving, less frill and more comfort. Waist trainers can be different materials but most are latex for thermal activity around the body core.

This is going to be your most important step. Gaining a clear understanding on how waist training works and how to purchase the appropriate garment is going to be the difference between your success and failure.  You could possibly jump right into a corset because you find it amazing and beautiful, only to be so uncomfortable and disillusioned, that the corset ends up collecting dust in your closet.

How about a lead in the right direction to get you started? This is what you are looking for HrGlass Training Best Waist Trainer Latex Corset Steel Bone Waist Cincher  and this is why—if you notice closely, it embodies the exact 3 hook design preferred in waist trainers. For beginners, the 3 hook design allows for gradual tightening. It also includes the steel boning needed which fins the material inside the corset. These are meant to create the curves desired and support the core of the abdomen.  The material is latex for heat activity and sweating, but this type is ultra-comfortable for those just beginning waist training.

  1. Make sure your waist trainer fits properly. Sizing depends on the manufacturer, so pay close attention to product description and sizing charts. Waist trainers are easier to size than a corset. Simply measure your natural waistline, staying in a relaxed form and order one size smaller. If you are still with doubts, contact the manufacturer directly for sizing questions.
  2. Know how to put your waist trainer on correctly. It should lie between the bottom of your ribs and to the top of your hip bones. Before you wear it regularly, season your waist trainer to a ‘breaking-in’ segment. Put it on, as instructed, wear for a short amount of time. Continue to do this until you can wear it comfortably. It is going to take a little time to get accustomed to this tight feeling around your core.
  3. Incorporate strength exercises into the waist training regimen. You are going to want to strengthen your core before and during waist training. If you only wear the waist trainer and expect results, you may be disappointed. Muscles can get atrophy, and the opposite effects can happen. You most likely will be inspired to work out more due to the way the waist trainer looks as soon as you put it on; the instant curves can be so inspiring.
  4. Think slowly and gradual with waist training. You will already look fabulous when you have it on, but the long term results come from patience and dedication. Go slow. You are reshaping your body and this takes time. The last thing you want to do is tighten to fast, and fall into some curious bouts of health problems like shortness of breath. By not following the proper waist training routine, you are creating shortcuts which are not the goal for long-lasting great results.
  5. Know when to remove the waist trainer. While some women will work, exercise, and sleep in their waist trainers, this isn’t for everybody. If you experience any kind of numbness in your limbs, legs, ribs, or back, take off the waist trainer. The same goes if you start experiencing stomach issues such as acid reflux. This is an indication you are wearing the waist trainer way too tight.
  6. The last step is to be sure to keep your waist trainer clean. Hang it up to air often. Read the manufacturer’s instruction for cleaning and care. Bacteria can creep up with aged sweating and dirt collection. They can seem intimidating to clean, but the process is actually easy and worth it. Waist trainers are never to go in the dryer.


What waist trainer do the Khardasians use?

Whether the Kardashians embraced the modern day ‘waist trainer’ on their own recourse, or whether they were simply helping out a entrepreneur friend who sells No one but them knows this answer.

So somehow the fire and gasoline of this marriage fueled a whole new marketing product for women to become obsessed with. Waist trainers have become fairly easy products to put on easy and comfortably. They are also inexpensive. Better, they provide an instantly slimmer midsection.

Sales in waist trainers have jumped up over 250% in the last year, proving women are interested and invested in the concept.

Feeding this jump in profits is of course, celebrity endorsements. This is not just limited to the Kardashian sisters, but also Jessica Alba and Amber Rose, as well as the celebrities who have kept it hushed, not attracting media attention. Still, anyone who is an advocate of shapewear can tell their curves are defined with a little help. Their secrets are safe with us.


But back to the original curiosity of a woman who calls herself Pre Madonna of Waist Gang Society and is a willful supplier of Kardashian waist training shapewear. The self-made businesswoman started at the bottom, and now has earned over one million in revenue from her product sales. Could the Kardashians be responsible for this success? Since then, Pre Madonna has expanded her site to sell everything from t-shirts to meal replacement pills.

Pre Madonna by her own body needs investigated ways to hide her stomach after becoming a young mother. The products were limited for her needs and her size. Being inspired by the Victorian ages when fashion was dictated by using tight-laced corsets, she went on a search for something similar but not as binding. She was completely turned off by the idea of strings that you had to pull in the back.

Through trial and error, and countless fittings into multitudes of fabrics and designs, was the catalyst to making her physical product in 2013. Pre Madonna used social media like Facebook and Instagram to probe the market and ask even celebrities if they want to lose three inches off their waist.

So why are the Kardashians so obsessed with waist training?  Perhaps the answer is quite simple. It makes women feel good about themselves immediately. When Kim Kardashian approached Pre Madonna for the product, they grew a mutual relationship because they loved the product. The Kardashians loved the waist trainers and always wanted to know “what’s next”.

Through a lot of trial and error and family help, the brand was created through teamwork. The company has grown threefold since the beginning condo days. After the Kardashians began using her waist trainers, her product was pushed into mainstream America.

While Kardashians are not the face of the company officially, they are associated with the product clearly by the abundance of silent free endorsements through social media.

Since the waist training explosion, more functional and more comfortable waist trainers have hit the market. The winner of the 2016 best waist trainer goes to hrglass training.  Most review agrees the construction, fabric, and overall design meet all the requirements for a result producing waist trainer.

HrGlass Training Best Waist Trainer Latex Corset Steel Bone Waist Cincher

When shopping for shapewear, especially a quality waist trainer, it is important to know what makes an effective, comfortable and result-driven waist trainer. The 2016 Best waist trainer by hrglass training fulfills all requirements for a slimming waist trainer. It is a latex 3 boned, 3 hook waist training corset / cincher.

  • Colombian Design gives you attractive curves
  • Latex waist training corset enhances your workouts
  • 3 strong hook design shrinks your waist up to two sizes instantly
  • See immediate results! With our premium latex waist training corset you can reduce 2 dress sizes instantly!
  • 100% latex outer with 100% premium cotton inside with steel non-pinching bones ensures comfortable wearing for hours

As with any shapewear, including waist training, always refer to the sizing chart each company provides. Some items are meant to be bought one size smaller, while others stay true to form. Take the time to read the directions thoroughly, get the right measurements, and order accordingly so you are not disappointed in your waist training experience.

We have included HrGlass Training sizing chart for the fabulous waist trainer mentioned above. This will give you an indication on how to order your own waist trainer in the correct size.