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My Top Waist Training Tips & Tricks

Waist Training Tips

It’s not a race

Many people like to waist train operating under a buddy system because of this we tend to get competitive with each other. Although competition encourages and motivates us we have to be careful of pushing our bodies too far. One of the great things about humans is the fact that we are all different but because of this our bodies also react differently. Some of us will have success more quickly than others. It’s important to strike a balance between motivation and competition. Waist training with a partner is a great way to stay mentally strong and committed to our goals and ultimately achieving that gorgeous hourglass figure

Ignore the measuring tape

It’s important not to obsess over the measuring tape waist training is a gradual process that takes extreme patience. If you are measuring yourself on a daily basis you’re going to go insane. If you insist on measuring yourself on a consistent basis do it weekly or better yet monthly. If you are patient enough you will begin to notice your clothes fitting differently and your results will show in the mirror.


Take a break

When you begin waist training you will notice that it can be quite painful. Most girls take their corset trainers off for two occasions working out and showering. I recommend that you give yourself some time off. Corset training is hard on the body and the mind is important to let both recover. Taking your corset off for a few hours is a good way to rejuvenate yourself and it won’t affect your long term goals.


Don’t be cheap

When picking out a course that it is important to do your homework and not buy the cheapest corset. There are many knock off corsets that are made in China that have been making their rounds on the Internet, people are trying to pass these off as high quality corsets to make a buck. It is important to read reviews on sites such as Amazon. Although the course that is the most important accessory to waist training you can achieve better results if you eat properly and use supplements.


Be strong

When you start waist training there are going to be a lot of naysayers, your family and friends are most likely not going to support you on this journey. It is important to know this before you embark on your corset training journey. You have to be mentally strong and I encourage you to find a partner to talk to about waist training either through this website or through other means on the Internet. The corset community is tight knit and full of amazing people who lean on each other.


Have fun

yes corset training is hard work but let’s remember that life isn’t always about working. It’s extremely important for your mental and physical health that you take a step back, relax, and enjoy yourself. Some of the ways that I have found a way to enjoy myself is to take pride in my corsets appearance and incorporating new outfits into my wardrobe


In Closing

There is a reason I created a waist training guide and assembled these waist training tips for you. Waist training is not easy. I’ve been through the ups and downs and know how hard it can be, if you have any personal questions please don’t be afraid to leave a comment or contact me through my email on my about me page. It’s a long journey but a fulfilling one. If you found this article interesting, check out my comprehensive waist training guide.

What is Waist Training? The Corset Method to a Slimmer Body

Countless hours of exercise and eating healthy can be exhausting especially when the results are not exactly optimal. Waist training is a new method in the weight loss industry that combines exercise, diet and sexy, slimming corsets to produce results that you are truly satisfied with.

What is Waist Training?

Also known as tightlacing, is the gradual development of a desirable hour glass figure via waist-cinching corsets. This practice dates back to the Victorian era, where women most often wore them as undergarments to change the appearance of their bodies by compressing the waist and raising the bust. Present-day corsets are created from stronger and more durable materials than once used. It is believed that the current steel and fabric used for construction allows for better pressure and for that reason a higher degree of slimming effects are produced than ever before. As with most fashion, waist training methods utilizing corsets, are making a comeback and becoming highly sought-after by celebrities looking to hide those last few inches.

what is waist training

A tightlacing corset


Reducing your waist size doesn’t have to be a chore. Yes, it does require discipline. Yes, you will still need to exercise and eat healthy. The advantage is that the combined use of a corset with exercise and diet can create a flawless silhouette that’s truly here to stay by training your body to fit the desired shape. Waist training involves using a thermal cincher to compress the core and stimulate internal activity. This method is proven to slim your figure, hide your imperfections and make that little black dress look impeccable on your beautiful and newly-transformed body.

There are many benefits for women to engage in the practice of waist training.

If you’re looking to change your waist appearance, waist training will build up your core and tighten the abdomen muscles, while simultaneously enhance your posture. The tight pressure exerted on the waist will aid in reducing food consumption, eliminating binging and ultimately, it will pave the way to healthy-sized meals. Waist training will allow your body to cleanse itself of toxic substances and harmful compounds through perspiration generated by the regulation of bodily temperatures. The perspiration process removes bodily toxins, stimulates fat cells to break down and keeps an internal homeostatic balance.

Waist cinchers are intended for daily use under your clothing for extensive periods of time. Results will only be achieved if one acquires the discipline to stay persistent and allows all 3 elements to work together to produce lasting effects. It is a process of dedication and commitment that takes time. Waist training is not overnight and it is not effective with intermittent practice. In order to achieve anything worthwhile in life, you need to work hard to achieve it. This is the first step. Once you reach your goal and want to continue to be successful, you must continue to work on it. The popular saying “You’ll lose it if you don’t use it” demonstrates the cause of why many are not truly successful. If you stop wearing the cincher or stop exercising, your efforts are no longer 100% and the effectiveness of the practice deteriorates. The consistency in wearing a waist compressor, eating a healthy diet and exercising on the regular is directly proportional to how effective waist training will be and how long it will last. Without maintaining a waist training routine, your body will undoubtedly regress back to it’s original form. Therefore, the key to success lies in you!

When I first started getting into waist training I was recovering from post-pregnancy weight gain. I could not stand how much my body changed after giving birth to my first child. Nothing fit properly anymore. My jeans wouldn’t zip up, my shirts were too tight and my beautiful new dresses were now useless because I was embarrassed to wear them in public in fear that my pregnancy rolls were exploding through the fabric. It was then when I decided I needed a new method to get rid of my weight. I started exercising on the regular and eating healthy meals. This did help reduce the weight however, being an older women, my metabolism was no longer at its peak. I was no longer in my twenties able to run on a treadmill twice a week and be perfectly in shape.

The more you cinch your waist, the faster you will achieve your waist training goals.

When I finally reached a weight I was happy with, I could not help but notice that I could not get rid of the last few inches around my waist no matter how hard I tried. I honestly used every possible method you could think of until I read an article on waist training. This was a revolutionary moment in my weight loss journey. I learned that with the addition of wearing a compressing corset to my already healthy routine, I could achieve the oh-so-wanted body that I always dreamed of going back to. I wanted the teeny tiny stomach that I once sported and although my bust was never extraordinary, waist training claimed to be able to improve my bust appearance. I didn’t even think twice about trying it.

Within a day, I had 7 corsets ordered online (one for every day of the week). I grabbed my best friend who always had weight insecurities and ordered her one too. Because we were working on it together, it made the journey much more bearable. We exercised on a daily basis and created a healthy meal plan together that we stayed true to, even while raising a family. At first, I have to admit, it was not easy. However, before I knew it, the waist cincher began working miracles. My waist line was smaller than ever and I could not be happier. My best friend went on to buying 6 more as I did and reduced her waist line by almost half. If there is any weight loss method I could recommend to post pregnancy women, it is waist training. Don’t hesitate! It works wonders. Your body will look and feel sexier than ever!

So there you have it, you no longer have to seek the answer to the question “What is waist training?” Now have patience, be persistent, and you will achieve the body that you desire and deserve!


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