Best Waist Training Corsets 2015

Best Waist Training Corsets 2015

Best Waist Training Corsets

Ever since the new craze of waist training has gone “viral” I’ve been getting consistent questions as to what is the best waist training corset? Simply put, there is no definitive black and white answer to the question. Everyone has been blessed with a unique body so just like clothes; corsets will fit us all differently. I can tell you that you won’t find a quality corset under $150. It isn’t feasible for a Corset Maker to produce a corset that will be an effective waist trainer in that price range. The materials needed (Leather, Clasps etc…) have to be of the highest quality in order for a corset to compress a women’s waist into an hour glass figure. Although corsets fit everyone different, almost all quality corsets will mold to a women if the correct size is purchased. Now you might be wondering, what are the best quality corsets? I’m glad you asked! I’ll pick my top 3 Underbust Corsets and Top 3 Overbust Corsets

 Best Underbust Corsets 2015

#1 – What Katie Did – Morticia Steel Boned Corset

best underbust corset 2015

The Morticia Steel Boned Corset by What Katie Did is the priciest on the list coming in at $275 but it also leaves nothing to be desired. Simply put this is the best corset I’ve ever dawned. Although $275 seems unreasonable, it’s cheaper than buying a poorly made corset and then deciding to get the Morticia anyway. A comparison you might understand would be purchasing a Guess handbag instead of a Louis Vuitton. The Guess bag will fall apart quicker, not look as good and just doesn’t compare to the Louis Vuitton in every area. I’ve owned many corsets throughout my waist training journey and I’ve had issues with my fair share of them (Digging into hips, falling apart, wide gaps etc…) but I’ve yet to have any issues with my Morticia, and I’ve owned it for 3 years. If you purchase the Morticia you won’t get any hip digging (Thanks to the hip gores) it won’t fall apart and it will mold tightly to your body.

Morticia features:

• Satin cotton twill lining
• Modesty Panel
• Stainless steel busk front opening
• Hip Gores

When sizing for the Morticia Steel Boned Corset be sure to deduct 4-5 inches from your natural waist.

Quotes from people I have recommended this corset to:

“The real Deal”

“The material is thick, well fashioned, and aesthetically stunning. I was tentative to spend so much money, but I am glad that I did. Thank you for the recommendation.”

“Worth every penny”


#2 – Timeless Trends – Black Genuine Calfskin Leather Steel Boned Corset


The Timeless Trends Black Genuine Calfskin Leather Steel Boned Corset comes in at #2 on my list, priced a bit lower at $189.99. Priced approximately $85 less than the Morticia I’d say that the Timeless Trends Calfskin Leather gives you the best bang for your buck. It’s crafted almost as well as the Morticia and fits just as good. Not only does this Timeless trends corset fit like a glove but it is also beautifully crafted, durable, and aesthetic. The only caveat is that I’ve heard rumors about the piping coming unstitched however; this is a moot point because Timeless Trends is a great company that offers a lifetime warranty and always fulfills it.

The Calfskin Leather features:

  • Steel Busk
  • Back support via 4 Steel Bars
  • Front Support via 2 Steel Bars which run adjacent to the front busk.
  • 3 Separate layers of fabric
  • High quality cotton
  • Laminated layers to provide additional strength

Quotes from people I have recommended this corset to:


“Exceptionally crafted and worth every penny, the best underbust corset hands down.”

“Perfect. Simply Perfect.”

“My first and last Corset”


#3 – Black Iris – Long Cut Nude Cotton Steel Boned Corset


The #3 corset on my Top 3 underbust corset list is Long Cut Nude Cotton Steel Boned Corset by Black Iris at $139.99. If you’re on an extremely tight budget and you MUST buy a corset that costs under $150 then the Black Iris tops the list. To be frank however; the Black Iris isn’t near the quality of Morticia or the Calfskin leather. I’d rank the Black Iris corset as the cheapest you can go if you want to effectively waist train. Anything below the $139.99 that the Black Iris costs is more than likely going to be a knockoff and a complete waste of money. I strongly suggest you opt for the What Katie Did – Morticia or the Timeless Trends – Calfskin Leather.

 The Black Iris Long Nude boasts these features:

  • Ability to let the hips out
  • Steel Busk
  • Good Support for your back
  • Smooth Texture

Quotes from people I have recommended this corset to:

“A great budget buy”

“Fits my long torso well”


Best Overbust Corsets 2015

#1 – Timeless Trends – Black Genuine Leather Steel Boned Overbust Corset

best overbust corset

The best overbust corset comes from a familiar corset maker, Timeless Trends with their Genuine Leather Steel Boned Corset. Timeless Trends does it again and produces an exceptionally crafted, beautiful looking and comfortable top end corset. Not only does Timeless Trends fashion an incredible corset but they back it up with a lifetime warranty, which makes the $250 it costs an absurd deal. Although they offer a great warranty, I can almost guarantee that you will not have to utilize it. I’m usually not fond of overbust corsets because they are uncomfortable, constricting and generally more trouble than they are worth but I decided to experiment with this corset due to some back pain and a recommendation from a friend in the corset community. I found that the Timeless Trends overbust corset reduced my back pain and for this reason it will always have a special place in my heart. To this day this is my go to corset if I have any back problems that arise.

This Timeless Trends Overbust Corset vaunts these features:

  • Extraordinary back support
  • 3 Layers of high quality Fabric
  • Outstanding durability
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Aesthetically Pleasing

    Quotes from people I have recommended this corset to:

“A Beautiful overbust corset”

“A great deal”

“The best craftsmanship I’ve seen in ANY corset”


#2 Timeless Trends – Green Floral Satin Brocade Steel Boned Overbust Corset

the Timeless Trends Steel Boned Satin Brocade

Coming in at #2 we have the Timeless Trends Steel Boned Satin Brocade. What can I say? I’m a huge fan of Timeless Trends overbust corsets, they have simply perfected how an overbust should fit and appear aesthetically. The Satin Brocade is a little bit cheaper coming in at around $160, if you’re looking for a quality corset in the $150 range; this is the corset for you. The fit is much like their leather corset (Ranked #1 on this list) and it carries all of the same intangibles. The only major different between the leather and the satin brocaded is that the leather corset is made out of genuine leather, which you pay a premium for. If you’re simply looking to find a beautiful corset that will be an effective waist trainer the satin brocade provides you with the best bang for your buck.

The steel boned satin brocade features

  • 4 Steel bars in the back grommet for back support
  • 2 steel bars supporting the front busk
  • Breathtaking design
  • Lifetime warranty

Quotes from people I have recommended this corset to:

“Best bang for your buck”

“A Great Deal, the best overbust corset money can buy”

“Unique and Stunning design that stands out”


#3 True Corset – Playgirl 24 Steel Boned Black Overbust Corset

True Corset - Playgirl 24 Steel Boned Black Overbust Corset

The 3rd and final overbust corset to make my list is the Playgirl 24 Steel Boned Black Overbust Corset by True Corset. If you’ve read my previous recommendations in this article I generally don’t recommend any corset that is under $150. I break that rule for the Playgirl 24. The playgirl 24 usually is on sale in the low $100 area but retails for approximately $170 at full price. At either price the playgirl 24 is a good buy, and if you’re patient you can catch it on sale. If you want a genuine leather corset, the playgirl is not for you as it is made out of taffeta cloth. In order to get a waist training corset in this price range the manufacturer is going to have to save money in certain areas. You simply cannot make a genuine leather corset for under $150. Functionally the playgirl 24 matches up with any corset, it is a top notch waist trainer. This Is a good budget corset if you’re simply interested in flattening your tummy, improving posture or reducing your waist.

The playgirl 24 by True Corset features:

  • High density steel bones
  • Steel front busk
  • Modesty Panel
  • Made from Tafetta cloth

Quotes from people I have recommended this corset to:

“Suprisingly comfortable!”

“The best overbust corset for simple waist training”


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