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Shapewear material is just getting better and better. The fabric feels like a silky second skin anymore and seams are nowhere to be found. It appears like someone took a woman’s wish list for panty material and actually listened. Panties have evolved, and woman love it. No more granny panties with loads of extra fabric baggage which is tell-tell under the yoga pants. Now women’s under garments have arrived to a higher level into shapewear which creates even better body lines.

If you have yet to try on these magical undergarments, then waste no time.  High waist thong panties that are meant for tummy control stand out as soon as you see them. The fabric at first appearance is amazingly silky and light. Then you discover the thin comfortable stretch. This is the type of high waist thong you are looking for:

  • Undetectable slimming with high waist thong panties
  • Perfect with shorts, skirts, dresses and even denim
  • Comfortable premium fabric
  • No visible panty line
  • Machine wash, tummy slimming thong shapewear

The thick elastic band is wide and with some stretch.  It is meant to fight tight to encourage the stomach muscles. For women in the process of getting back their body after kids, and to still look great, this is the best pick in panty shapewear.

The garment itself is cut nicely and well crafted. The stitching is neat and uniform. No noticeable flaws.  If washed according to directions, the color will not fade nor will you ever have the problem of the fabric stretching too loose.

They are really comfortable to wear; it has a silky feeling which feels good on.  The top part gives more of a tummy control but not so tight that it becomes uncomfortable. In fact, these will become your favorite under garment.

Eliminate panty lines with these high waist thong panties. The wonderful concept behind shapewear is it is basically undetectable, yet still doing its job to slim your troubled zones.

One reason woman shy away from shapewear is the stigma of yesteryear. Earlier styles of shapewear were not anywhere close to being attractive or comfortable to wear. They were also too difficult to get on. Many women have experienced the dilemma of unforgiving spandex contorting your body as you try to wiggle in some sort of promising shapewear.

Times have changed to include easy-glide fabrics, yet remember while today’s stretch fabrics won’t challenge your body flexibility like older shapewear, still take it slow and easy climbing into  any compression garments.

Every woman is shaped differently and has different personal preferences. When buying any shapewear it is important to follow sizing charts for that particular brand and company. It wasn’t until the last decade women found out they were sizing their bras incorrectly, most getting a size too small. Now with the abundance of styles and brands of bras, women are realizing the value of fit. The same applies to shapewear. Some items are meant to be worn a size smaller for maximum compression, while others are more flexible in sizing.

All shapewear is not equal. There is shapewear designed for separate parts of the body, targeting problem areas. There is also shapewear which will provide over-all slimming. Whether it is a waist trimmer, butt-life underwear or high waist tummy thongs, all shapewear serves a specific function.

Because there is such a wide variety of different styles, designs and levels of control, try to identify exactly what type of shapewear you need and how often the undergarment is going to be worn. Some compression garments are meant to be tolerated for a few hours of high level support, while other shapewear can be worn everyday as an all-day shaper.

The secret to comfort is trying to zone in on target areas with the least coverage possible. If it is only your tummy you wish to tuck in, then why invest in a whole-body compression garment?  As a suggestion, if this is your first time with shapewear, for a great first-time experience, then start small with an item like the high waist thong panties. If for anything else but just to feel the luscious material against the skin; you will never look at panties the same way again.

And ladies, remember a body shaper is for smoothing lines and tucking in unwanted bulges, however let it be inspiration as well. There is no substitute for getting out and moving that body. The health benefits from exercise and mindful eating combined with the instant boost from shapewear is the springboard to a more confident, self-empowered way of living.


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