7 Ways to Get a Bigger Butt

7 Ways to Get a Bigger Butt

The Brazilian booty is the latest trend in fitness. Some women are born with it, while the rest of us have to work at this fitness look a little harder. Exercises are going to be the primary goal, but there is a few cheats you can take along the way to instantly lift and pop that bottom out a little more.


If you are ready to add firmness and roundness to your booty, here are 7 ways to get a bigger butt:

  1. Waist Training

While you wouldn’t think wearing a waist trainer would have anything to do with a bigger bottom, it actually does make an impact, just in a different way. As a waist trainer works to bring in those curves in a fabulous way, and redistribute fat into more complementary results, the illusion of a bigger butt is created. The hips look lusciously more rounded; thanks to those extra inches the waist trainer pushed in and carved into a goddess figure. This is why it is called the hourglass figure.  This is also why it is so extremely popular with women today (and throughout history). Try on a waist trainer and then evaluate your next step in popping out the butt more.

  1. Shapewear for the Butt

You heard that right, and wait until you see the unique products available to do almost about anything you need done to up that booty. Just to give you an idea of the uniqueness of these garments, you can get butt bras, butt pads, booty lifters, and hip pads. These are available in leggings, underwear, and tights. Some have cut-outs in the behind-area, while others add extra cushion. The butt bras are as they say—pushing up and out those flat bottoms. So grab your waist trainer, and add one of these embellishments and you are set for a night out at a perfect form of woman.

  1. Time for Major Squats

Now that you have experienced a delicious night out as a new you, it is time to get serious in a different direction. You probably are already embracing the new found confidence after wearing these garments, and are ready to do the hard work—exercise.

Anybody who is into fitness routines, know squats tighten and lift the butt like no other exercise can. Start off slow, and gradually increase the repetitions. You can do them anywhere (almost) and anytime. Just do them. They do wonders for developing great thighs too. And anytime you get a chance to run stairs or use a stair climber, take advantage. If you continue diligently, you will want more, so try doing jump squats; you will whittle fat at the waist and burn calories fast. Activate those butt muscles, get moving.

  1. Increase the Confident Mind

Now move on to those lower body workouts and add weights. Start small with the 10-20 lb. range. Some terrific workouts for this area using weights are of course the dumbbell squat, sumo squats and lunges.  Hip thrusts, butt bridges and leg presses are also effective in developing strong muscles. If you want to add a little more excitement to the fitness routine try hoola- hooping, hiking, dancing, and Pilates.  The more you do, the more you can do. Before you even realize it, your body is going to beam with golden results.

  1. Eat what you Want, But Not That

Now all your attention will move onto eating habits. You will have to incorporate foods which will help burn belly fat but also feed the bottom for that perfect butt. Try to make excellent food choices by passing up processed foods, fast food, refined foods and high sodium products. Basically eat high on the food chain, and think ‘naturally occurring’ foods like simple vegetables and fruits. For proteins, add the fish or lentils…get creative with healthy sauces. Carbs are going to be a challenge, as most women know; the butt gets big from carbs. Study healthy eating plans and try to incorporate a healthy balance. Eat a dessert once a week so deprivation doesn’t set in and set you up for failure.

  1. Butt Enhancement Pills?

Let’s talk about incorporating supplements and enhancement Pills. This isn’t for everybody. But for those who are implementing a healthy fiber-rich diet, and strength training for a bigger butt, you may be able to benefit from butt enhancement supplements. Most of these are derived from organic herbs meant to stimulate growth hormones. Other benefits are acne reduction and increased mood and energy.

  1. Look at what you are wearing

The last step is a simple but an important one. Choose the right clothes. While you might be sporting a waist trainer or some pretty snazzy butt pads, all this is not going to impress if you opt for the wrong selection in wear. Too tight of leggings may reveal the outline of the padding or a bad fitting dress could tell all your shape secrets. Pull it together nicely and then take on the world.

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